Club Penguin Warfare: Defunctional

What Happened?

On the evening of April 9, 2020, we suffered an attack to our servers. This resulted in all of our data being destroyed, including armies, blog posts, the CPW CPPS and more. We believe that we were attacked by Club Penguin Online, which has a rival army league - as the CPW website temporarily redirected to them. Our members have also recieved verbal threats from CPO staff members.

Will CPW Return?

No, Prior Bumble has decided to close Club Penguin Warfare, effective immediately. This is to protect our community and user data from more threats and attacks. This does not mean the closure of armies, they can remain open without being part of a league. We thank all of you for helping to make CPW the best it can be.

Is My Data Safe?

Unfortunately, the attackers destroyed our vps via our hosting provider (Vultr). They had complete access to our server, so they could of downloaded a dump of our database (which contains usernames, emails and passwords hashed in bcrypt). There is no way that we can guaruntee that your data is safe. We highly reccommend changing your password on all of your other online accounts.

For further information, contact the following people via Discord:

War on.

Need an Army to Join?

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